you're five foot a bitch (눈‸눈)
part time derp, full time levi's bitch.
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hi yes this is the dumb shit who runs this blog (yay for stupid fringes that make you look like a prepubescent little shit)

i want to cry
also if you recognize that poster on the right I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVEr

Posted 21:54 on 8月 9th, 2013 with 86 リアクション
Tagged with #i hate you all for making me do this #but i love you all so much that i just had to #D: WHY MY FACE THOUGH #eh
  1. thekawaiicorporalのコメント: You’re pretty~ I LOVE YO FACE
  2. maiwaifuuのコメント: so pretty :)
  3. shi-hoのコメント: Dear lord your gorgeous smile should be illegal you pretty precious human being dsfksjf <33
  4. diaoulezのコメント: Omg you’re so cute. o////o
  5. berrymuchinloveのコメント: Sooooo cuuuuuuuute