you're five foot a bitch (눈‸눈)
part time derp, full time levi's bitch.
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Levi gets boner over weird things.

I have a hard time swallowing my pills so I googled how to suppress my gag reflex. Apparently, you can disengage and get rid of it completely by brushing your tongue repeatedly for a month or so…


Leaked clip from the next episode of Free

mikasa + hand holding 

People who wear high heeled boots in the library just need to stop. Forever.


Story where Jean meets Marco for the first time on the ice rink and falls in love with him instantly.

I wish I could write fanfics


Translated a few notes on Levi’s mug from Shingeki no Kyojin: OUTSIDE Kou. 

*Air intakes (エアインテーク) were a new concept to me; they’re where the bangs stick up slightly from the hairline before gravity pulls the rest of the hair down, supposedly making them look like air vents. (Examples here.)

**Small faces (小顔) are generally considered an attractive feature in Japan, both for men and women nowadays.


I wish I could make friends as easily as a shonen protagonist.


whyd you only reblog me when youre high


i decide to quit drawing like 6 times a day an d heres why bye


haven’t drawn anything quality in days and so I leave you with this from this